What is Postverta?

It is a type of butterfly, a Roman goddess about the past, and also the name of a San Francisco-based startup who wants to change how people write code today.

What does Postverta do?

In short, we want to democratize software development with the help of the cloud. Traditionally, software development was considered a black-art with lots of arcane tools (it still is, partially, even today). The resource and tools needed to develop software were simply not accessible to most people.

The emergence of cloud has made computational resources and software incredibly cheap and accessible to everyone. The entrance barrier to software development is no longer about the availability of resources, but the lack of good interface to leverage those resources. The problem is still not solved, as most of us still write code on our local desktop, with a static development environment similar to what was there 20 years ago.

Our goal is to rethink how software development SHOULD look like in a cloud-native age, when one computer is no longer the limit, and every piece of software and code is available within the reach of one HTTP request. We believe it will be something quite different from the status quo, and we are super excited about this. At the end of the day, software development should not be about how many arcane git tricks you know, but about how you can best utilize the resources and existing software to build something that is truly creative and awesome.

What exactly are you building?

We are still in stealth mode. It is sufficient to say that we are building tools and online services to help developers better leverage cloud resources and become more productive. This involves new exciting technologies that make computational resources more consumable by developers, as well as new product design that makes the developer experience more intuitive.

If you are interested in learning more, please leave your email, so we can keep you posted with our launch.

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